Sunday, February 28, 2010


Believe it or not this is how daffodils get shipped. They almost look
more like asparagus than flower.

Razor edge tulips


Amsterdam ? No New York

Spring cannot be far behind.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pink and green Ranunculus

Australian Dusty Miller

Cream daffodils

Fur or flower

Believe it or not this little fluff ball on a stick is actually a
variety of green carnations. Just a lot more expensive.


I am not a fan of dying flowers, however once in a while it looks
good. Here white Anemones have an orange colour dye added to the water
and as the fliers drink the colour fills the petals.

Chinese New Year

Quince a sign of prosperity an good luck.


Early forced Forsythia, for those of you who cannot wait for Mother
Nature to do her work.

Water Lillies

Waiting to show there pretty blooms.

Fresh Oranges

Still on the Branch...fresh picked.

Potted Hyacinth's waiting to perfume your home.

Potted Muscari

Cat in a box

Daft for Daffodils

Now this is really a sign Spring cannot be far away.


It maybe cold outside but the Tulips are coming into there pre season
from Holland.

Sweet Pea

One week before Valentines Day and sweet Sweet Pea and resting above


Spring is far off but Lilac from Holland is on the scene and just